033: Cracking Your Money Code with Vinca Heart

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Vinca Heart grew up nearby Berlin, where she constantly had to look up at the imposing Berlin Wall. ?Because of where she lived, it was hard for her family to get food let alone a car, it took her family ten years to save money and buy it. ??There was no freedom of speech. ?There was no freedom to travel? Vinca reiterated.

Seeing her parents and the people around her struggle, she decided to join the political underground, to get rid of the complacency around money and help people in their lives, somehow. ??And it is really my mission in life to help people stepping out of complacency and just live fully? Vinca reasoned. From there, she used what she saw and learned to form a pattern. ?This pattern and observations she believes this is where the Money Code came from.

When the Berlin Wall fell, she followed her dreams of freedom and went to America and studied at Juilliard. ??I didn?t speak English at all. ?I had to learn what people were doing and people were different because they grew up in a different economy system than I did? Vinca explained. ?She once again observed people in different economic standings and enhanced her theory of Money Code. ?Seeing as people were in different economic systems than what she was used to, Vinca changed her focus to that of business.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • How to use the Money Code and Character Code
  • What the Money and the Character Code is
  • How using these titles will change your business
  • How to attract clients and understand them

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She used these titles in order to get more clients and help them in their business. Vinca would go on to tell her clients things that they wouldn?t recognize about themselves. ?Like on website, we have one person who just does website for character codes and it?s so cool because it changes everything of you who you want to attract.? Vinca said, ?Client attraction becomes completely different, demographically and it?s so much easier.?


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