Top 10 Reasons to Podcast: Profit, Positioning and Promotion

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Top 10 Reaons to Podcast_ blog post

#1: Be Discovered!?

The iTunes marketplace has over 500,000,000 active buyers.? All who are actively searching for experts that can help them solve their problems, entertain them, and educate them on areas to help them improve themselves + their lives.

The average demographic, stated by Tom Webster VP of Marketing @ Edison research,? that the Average Podcast Listener is:

Affluent, Hard to Reach, highly desirable Adverting Target.?

This allows YOU an extremely unique opportunity to reach a marketplace?that is a prime target for your produces, services, and solutions.


By partnering with iTunes it?s like a huge Joint Venture waiting to happen for your business.

#2: Be Heard!?

A podcast is already a very intimate marketing channel.

What do I mean by that? Well, people are tuning into your podcast:

When they want, Where they Want, and
on What player they want.

This means your listeners are tuning in JUST FOR YOU. You have their undivided attention and they are open to receiving your message + content making it one of the Strongest Marketing channels to truly allow prospects to understand who you are and can build incredible trust for you and your brand.

#3: Let iTunes Showcase You

This is a fantastic reason to podcast — iTunes will showcase you in front of their 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers for the first 8 Weeks of launching your podcast in the New & Noteworthy Section. And will continue to in it?s What?s Hot section after your debut.

What other platform allows you to showcase your talent that long for FREE, when you first launch + ongoing online?

This is how my students + clients are able to generate Massive amounts of traffic (40-500% increase to their website) and double their email opt-ins.


#4: Instant Expert Status?

By partnering with iTunes there is already a form of massive credibility and expert status that comes with starting you your own show + program.

We are trained by mass media that anyone on TV, Radio, Print is an expert. The same exact Expert Halo occurs when you start a podcast and?are representing in iTunes.

#5: Epic Connection Marketing

Podcasting can quickly become one of the best marketing channels for your business. It can allow you to reach more people and more importantly create what I like to call – Epic Connection Marketing.

In the world of technology chaos we all live in, a podcast allows you to truly stand out from the pack and do what matters the most in the eyes of your prospects — Connect with them.

Just hearing your voice, inflection, and most importantly your passion — allows your podcast to bring your content + words to life.? Much more than black and white on their computer screen.

#6: Free Traffic, Leads, Sales? – oh my!?

With a podcast, people will listen and stay tuned in longer than other marketing channels with your content. With just plain text, people are more likely to just scan your content, with a video if it doesn?t capture them in the first 6 seconds or they can?t watch it while doing other things they move on, and with a podcast you get a tiny bit longer of a window to grab their attention.

You have about 90 seconds, upon them first listening to the podcast to grab their attention. Plus, you have the benefit of them taking you with them on the go – tripling your exposure time with them!

And since you?re talking to them, it allows you a ?Freebie? card to keep them engaged. It?s harder to just shut someone off that is talking directly to you and helping you solve your problems — try it, tune into some podcasts and see how it can be incredibly hard to Turn them off when you get hooked! 🙂

What happens next? Your listeners are building massive trust with you and when you refer them to your website to sign up for your mailing list, buy your amazon book, like your FaceBook Page, etc. they are much more likely to follow your CTA (call-to-action.)

leave imact_maroon_lifestyleacademy.com

#7: Make Your SEO a Snap

Podcasting allows you to rank on Page 1 of the search engines for your keywords. When people subscribe and download your podcast episodes?this gives you juice for the keywords you want to rank online.

Also, when you have audio content on your blog, people will stay on your blog longer and play your audio. This give Google recognition people are finding your content the answer they were looking for, and you will be handsomely rewarded by moving up the ranks.

#8: Easily Create On-Go-Content

Audio is one of the easiest was to create content. If you?re like me, writing can be like pulling teeth to get it done! However, if you hope on a mic, you may find your best thoughts, content, and training come to alive. You might be incredibly surprised what you create too!

Now, if you?re not sure what to talk about yet, not problem. You can start an expert interview based show like I do and tons of other experts do.

#9: Back-Door Strategy to Joint Ventures

Then, from your Expert Interview based show you can also create phenomenal relationships + partnerships. I have had multiple joint venture relationships happen for my business because of having a podcast.

I don?t think they ever would have happened either, had I not had a way to give first. So a podcast can truly be a back door strategy to incredible JV?s.

When you interview and give first, you are able to really connect with someone and then more often then not, they?ll always ask you how they can assist you in your business.

This is a great way to build the relationship and give even more! Suggest a way you can help them in their business (maybe from the services you offer) and then simply ask if they are open to joint ventures at this time? You might just get lucky!

#10: It?s just plain FUN!

It?s hard to describe just how fun podcasting can be until you get in there and just give it a try.? I absolutely LOVE what I get to do on a daily base of interviewing top experts and learning from the people I am privileged to get to interview.

But take it from my clients who tell me it?s one of the first times they?ve had fun in their marketing in a while. And can be for you too.

I also, love to be able to share my own expertise in my favorite format – audio. It?s often easier to get your ideas out with your spoken word – and have fun with it! Use your personality, your humor, your inflection, tonality . . . your personality is what can make your famous!

Give it your all in the medium and you?ll be surprised what can happen for you or WHO just might find you.

Get out there an bring your content to life with the power of your voice!?

So tell me, what is your biggest question about podcasting??

Please share below.?

And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with a friend that you think would benefit.


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  1. How can I find other courses about podcasting? Is there a book I can read or a blog I can go to?

  2. The technical aspects of producing a video. I’ve got the gear, but haven’t done one yet.