Can you Hangout with Me (a.k.a Lara Croft for a day)?

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Can you come hangout with on August 13??

The Super Hero Summit is kidnapping me for a day and trning me into Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

If you?re new to the SuperHero Summits – you?re in a for a real treat.?

We?re going to have an absolute blast on a Live G+ Hangout and were I teach you all bout Podcasting + answer all your questions – Lara Croft Style.

So Bring your travel manuscript as we Raid the Podcasting Tomb of Secrets and Uncover Exactly How YOU can generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales for YOUR Business by Podcasting.?

Just to give you a taste of the Podcast Tomb Training . . .?

? ? ? ? ? We?ll be covering:?

    • What?s all the Buzz on Podcasting! Top 5 Reasons You Need to Podcast
    • Why it?s Important for Your Content to Be Mobile Going Forward
    • How to Increase Website Traffic from 40-500% per mo. from a podcast
    • Weird Little Niches that hare having MASSIVE Success with a Podcast
    • 5 Simple Steps to Start Your Own Podcast]

The hangout is over but check out our Pre-Party Convo Below::

Marisa Murgatroyd, the SuperHero Ring Leader, will be drilling me with your questions and how to really Dominate your marketplace with a podcast and stand out from the sea of marketers today online.

So, please leave your podcasting questions below in the comments — and I?ll be sure to answer live on the Hangout Together!?


Remember to Leave me all your Podcast questions below.

Till then — “busy girl, gotta go”!



aka Lara for a Day

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