009: Rob Walch | How to Market and Monetize Your Podcast

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Rob Walch?s passion for radio started as a listener. ?I was one of those people who called in to radio shows all the time,? Rob says. ?One of those really annoying people who was a regular caller.? He eventually decided to start his own show in 2004 and Podcast 411 was born. Rob interviewed other podcasters on his show and after scoring some big-name celebrity guests, including Walter Mossberg, Quincy Jones and even Senator John Edwards, his business took off. His one mistake? ?The first client I turned down was Senator Obama,? Rob says. ?See how that worked out for me.?

The freedom of the podcast was the perfect medium for Rob. ?I just liked the democratization of it,? he says. ?You could do a show and not be beholden to anyone?s rules or regulations.? Living outside the bounds of FCC regulations was also a perk for Rob, though he makes a point to keep his show as G-rated as possible (though the same cannot be said of some of his guests).

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In this episode you?ll find:

  • How to masterfully understand the podcast landscape
  • The importance of maintaining your own proprietary podcast app
  • The key distributors to send your podcast to
  • The optimum length for your podcast
  • Why live shows can help boost your numbers
  • How to prep for your podcast like a pro
  • What equipment you need (and what you don?t)
  • The simplest tips for turning your podcast into a success
  • Why an enticing title and great artwork are essential for podcasting success


Rob Walch Libsyn Quote

In 2007, Rob joined Libsyn, a podcasting hosting and publishing service with over 10,000 shows. He realized that while comedy podcasts still dominated the charts, ?uber-geek tech? shows were beginning to find their footing, so Rob?s positioning at the time was perfect?he describes his show as ?inside, inside, inside a niche.?

One of the reasons that Rob so strongly advocates for podcasts is because podcasts allow you to occupy a unique position in your niche. ?For every podcast out there, there are over 900 blogs,? Rob says. Because the podcasting world is not nearly as saturated as the blogosphere, hosting a podcast can totally set you apart from your competitors. Outside of comedy, any niche is a good niche to be in right now when it comes to podcasting.

For people just starting out, Rob recommends to include guests on your podcasts as an easy way to generate content. ?You have interaction, and a dialogue, and spontaneity,? he says. ?So it?s less work that you have to do.? And when it comes to software and equipment, Rob strongly advise

s that you keep it simple. Because so many people download podcasts onto their phones, the quality is heavily distilled, completely negating the necessity of a $1,000 microphone. ?No one, at the end of the day, is going to say your show is great because the audio quality was so good,? Rob says. ?The content is the most important element.?

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  1. What editing software do you, does Rob, use?


    • There are a lot of great programs the easiest ones to use are Audacity to easily edit your audios.

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  3. TOTAL TOP-SHELF podcast – this was one of the most informative podcasts on podcasting I’ve heard.

    HUGE help on so many fronts…thanks to both of you!

    • Bruce thank you so much – Rob is absolutely amazing and brilliant with expert podcast tips!!