032: Insider Social Media Strategies with @RickMulready

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Rick Mulready had plans when he came out of college; get a job, get rid of his debt and increase his savings along with making his own business. ??I was making really good money in what I was doing. ?I left my full time job September 30th?of last year. ?So just about a year ago, I left to focus full time on my social media marketing consulting and the podcast.?So, that plan though had been in place for about two years. ?That was sort of my exit plan if you will? he said.

Rick stated that ?I?m not one to something willy nilly, I do a lot of planning and I really think things there. ?So, for me that was okay. ?I had to get out of debt (as in significant debt), and needed to not only build up my business but I wanted to have a security new, I wanted to get some savings going so that?s really what I worked on for those two years.?

After those two years, he gained enough confidence to break away from his full time job and focus more on his social media consultation.

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In this episode you?ll learn

  • Why to start a podcast and how to get big names onto your show
  • How to use social media for your business successfully
  • What mistakes happen with small businesses and social media
  • The best ads to run on Facebook and specifically how to do them Effectively
  • Different content channels social media can offer and different platforms to use
  • How you avoid being overwhelmed by Social Media

Through his journey of knowing what he wanted to do but not really know how to make it true; Rick came to the epiphany of podcasting his knowledge. ?When I left the job I didn?t even think about doing a podcast? he said as he laughed. ??The podcast was born from people who kept pushing me? Rick went on as he talked about how he didn?t like how his voice sounded so it didn?t even cross his mind.

His first thoughts of podcasting were when Ekaterina Walter was interviewed for her book,?Think Like Zuck. ??At the time it was all obviously about Facebook, I was still focusing on Facebook at the time. ?I started to think, ?You know, it might be really cool to interview her and have it on audio (still not a podcast) and have that information on the site?? Rick sounded really excited as he said that.

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Once he figured out how he was going to set up his podcast and how he was going to get the people, it was now to let people see his message and learn about the things that people were saying on his show.

His message was very simple; it was to help those small businesses succeed in social media and be just as successful as the larger companies. ??It allows you to connect with your audience that you can?t do through a blog. ?It allows a voice, it allows your personality. ?Here you have a lot different media so they?re allowed to see you so it?s a great platform,? Rick said enthusiastically.


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