043: Five Simple Steps to Attracting Joint Ventures Partners with Rich German

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Rich German will tell he’s the man to joke about ?being a coach before coaching was cool?, ?as he’s been a part of this field since 1999. Initially, Rich was involved with real estate, and hired a coach because he didn’t really love that business.

He soon discovered that he loved the business of coaching, from both a personal development and a business perspective.

After a series of steps, which involved him quitting the real estate business, and branching off on his own, he was able to start his own company based on his own different model where he has coached over 18,000 people!!

Through joint ventures, he was really able to be where he wanted in life, and within his own business. Listen to the interview as he shares 5 Simple Steps to Attracting Joint Ventures for your business.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • What a Joint Venture Is
  • The Inspiration for Rich German?s book, Monetize Your Passion
  • The Top Mistakes You Can Make in the Business
  • 5 Simple Steps to JV Partners *even as a newbie!
  • The Types of Communities That you Need to Have


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Rich German?s book started with an epiphany. He realized that he was the luckiest guy in the world because he was doing what he loved and had the lifestyle that he loved, while also helping others. He knew that he could help other people to reach this same place in their lives, and his book ?Monetize Your Passion? is entirely about people doing what they love while also making money.


Rich will admit to anyone that he is not a ?tech guy?. He doesn?t gain success through SEO?s or Optimizations. He focused on what he was really good at, making and building relationships, and was able to do so much from there.

Through building joint venture partnerships, he found his niche and his success. He discovered that this was the fastest way to get to your target market and audience, and make a difference through them.

With a community where they train coaches, authors and speakers to be world class joint venture partners, where they can build partnerships with each other and anyone else they want, Rich really created something that can help his target audience. He shows people that having a signature program, having a free training, having good email copy, having a great opt in page, and having an affiliate tracking system are really the keys to be ?JV? ready.

Rich really believes that the best thing to do is to build two different communities: your audience and your colleagues. This way, you?re able to connect with the people who are listening to you, and you?re able to connect with the people you work with to share ideas.

?Learn How to Gain Easily Gain Joint Venture Partners?& Triple Your Income



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