028: How to Systematize and Sell Your Business for Millions with Ralph Quintero

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Ralph Quintero got his start as an entrepreneur when he was 13 years old, when he worked as a DJ at a party with two of his friends. ?We got paid $60 and at the time for me, that was like winning the lottery,? Ralph says. ?That was the first time that I realized I could make money doing something that I was passionate about.?


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Later in life, Ralph found himself working in corporate America, working for a Fortune 500 company and travelling extensively. But the time away from home began to take a toll on Ralph and when his wife was pregnant with their second child, they decided it was time to make a change. ?One night, I remember coming home and found my wife sobbing uncontrollably and she managed to hold back the tears long enough to tell me that she just couldn?t do it anymore,? Ralph says. ?She needed a support network, she was tired of being lonely, and that really hit me because I had been feeling the same way for a long time. Right then and there, we decided to make a drastic change and move back to the East Coast. Both of us were going to quite our six-figure jobs and we didn?t know what we were going to do, but we?re both hard workers and we figured we?d figure it out, and that?s when I started my first company.?

Having decided to get back to doing what he loved, Ralph founded The Great Business Project, a resource for entrepreneurs looking for advice on how to effectively start and run their businesses. ?I learned a lot about things I wished somebody had been able to tell me along the way,? Ralph says. ?I decided to take things that I was passionate about and and put them together so that I could offer them back to entrepreneurs and help them avoid some of the mistakes that I made, and hopefully shorten their paths to success with their businesses.?


In this episode you?ll learn:

  • Why systematizing your business is essential
  • How to effectively systematize your business
  • How to develop a thorough profile of your customer
  • Ways to develop a winning mindset and implement that in your business
  • How a business coach can help you
  • How to succeed in today?s world of increased accountability
  • Why you shouldn?t let financial limitations hold you back from getting started
  • Simple secrets to effectively using social media sites




Ralph is the author of the best-seller, Life After Corporate: My Personal Journey from the C-Suite to the E-Suite. He recently launched The Great Business Project Magazine, one of Apple?s Top 10 business and investing magazines for the iPad, and works as a speaker, trainer, and coach.


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