035: Paul Mort Anti-Professional Fitness Formula

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Paul Mort Anti-Professional Fitness Formula

Paul Mort started his movement as a fitness entrepreneur and defines himself as ?a former fat guy turned entrepreneur?. He has been known for his unusual anti-professional attitude that has got him many clients. Because of his very real attitude he has become popular because of it.

Paul has made his way as a massive business coach that as of right now, makes money every time he sends an email by using his unusual anti-professional fitness formula.


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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • Online marketing techniques
  • How to know your customer, avatar and target
  • Control your online market and emailing list
  • How to engage and rate your clients
  • How to get the clients that you want
  • Weed out your clients to ones that are dedicated to your product


Though, Paul didn’t always run his business that way. Paul reiterates, ?It came about when I kind of had a bit of a meltdown.? When this happened he had been an entrepreneur for 10 years already. ?I got to a point where I was just exhausted,? he said.

As he was doing these conventions that told him what not to say, what to say and even to get rid of his British accent, his rebellious attitude came forth and decided to change his methods.


This was after he was spending so much time getting clients that were draining him. ?I realized that because I wasn’t being my true self I was attracting these people? Paul stated, ?I can?t do this anymore.?

After Paul promised himself that he would be himself 100% of the time, selling his fitness business and teaching fitness professionals how to make money, his business increased. ?He spent time with people for free and also got rid of the people who he didn’t want to deal with. ??It was really scary.

Like most decisions that you have to make in business are scary otherwise there?s no point in making them.? ?He lost a lot of clients through the transformation, though Paul never minded losing those people since those were the ones he wanted to lose. ?After all this, his business exploded.


?Paul is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, along with being ranked top 100 influential personal trainer of all time. ?He was featured in Men?s Health and Fitness. ?He has spoken at the biggest fitness conventions in the world.


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?I realized b/c I wasn’t being try to myself, that I was attracting the WRONG client. @paulmort

How to Explode Your Biz w/ @PaulMort on his Lifestyle Interview —>> http://bit.ly/PaulMort w/ @krisgilbertson?


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  2. Great podcast, fantastic content for anyone involved in communications within the fitness industry.

    And it introduced me to your podcast series… I’m working my way back through the archives now! 🙂

    • Ah fantastic – so great you found me and excited for you to check out the other episode there are some fantastic trainings back in though archives! 🙂