042: How to Create Off the Charts Results in Your Business with Nathalie Lussier

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Nathalie Lussier refers to herself as a digital strategist.?She helps her clients to align their digital strategies with the lifestyle that they want to create, by helping them to know who they are, and what their goals are.

When she began to figure out what she was offering, she was able to really fuel her passion into her business.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • How she mastered online marketing
  • How she helps her clients
  • How to get out of a bad business and into a good one
  • What goes into a really solid, world class product
  • How to do a product launch


Nathalie Lussier has been in the business since she was 12.?Designing websites?is her passion, and, after graduating college with a?software engineering?degree, decided to turn down a job offer from Wall Street to start her own business. A lot of years later, and a dollar or two underneath her belt, she has really set the example for what ingenuity, determination, and guts will get you.

When Nathalie built her second website, she was able to really detach herself from a former website that she knew wasn?t going to take her to the places she wanted to go.


Through technology, Nathalie believes that there are a lot of things constantly coming out that will help you to build your business, and to connect with your clients. She began to realize that doing a lot of research before you launch a product is key to having a really great business.

The top 3 steps that go into a product launch, according to Nathalie, are as follows:

(1) Be clear what the product is going to be about, who it is going to be for, etc.

(2) The tech piece, perhaps even hiring out, but it is important to understand part of what your website should be doing technologically.

(3) Don?t get bogged down with the timeline of your launch; focus more on the content and less on the logistics.

Threading through all of these tips, her biggest tip is to be creative with your content and to understand your ideal client.?


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