037: How to Create a Freedom Based Business with Natalie Sisson

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Natalie Sisson, literally lives from her suit case and has built a business as a lifestyle entrepreneur. ?She?s on a mission, currently, to make sure 100,000 entrepreneurs build a mobile business and lifestyle they love by 2020.

She started with her career as a lifestyle entrepreneur after the taste of the corporate world never have her true satisfaction.

?I always taken a leap of faith in my life and I?m really grateful for having the guts to do that sometimes (to the amusement of my friends who think I?m crazy),? she stated. ?Natalie worked 8 years in the corporate world, doing things that she loved but not really making any head-way in the direction that she wanted to go in.

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?I just got blocked at every single chance by the very people that had hired me to do this,? Natalie explained, ?I just remembered it was the only time in my life that I?d wake up and not want to go to work, which was really rare for me.? ?Natalie?s personal motivation moved her into creating her own business. ?Leaving her friends and new house in England, Natalie traveled to Vancouver and wanted to start a new business.

Meeting what would be her new cofounder of a technology company that created a Facebook app, that would build for 18 months to 2 years.

In this episode you?ll learn:

  • How to become a lifestyle entrepreneur
  • How to create your own business
  • Motivation to start making big decisions
  • How to have your business run itself
  • How social media helps expand your brand
  • The biggest takeaway for people who are just starting


Natalie’s next adventure, moved her to decid to start blogging about her experiences. ?I felt like I was learning so much, I?m sure this is useful for other people.? Natalie excitedly explained. ?She went further on to say, ?Also, I use my blog as way to interview people, kind of like what we?re doing now, to talk to the women entrepreneurs on how they built successful tech businesses.?

Natalie used her childhood experience of traveling to make it also part of her job. ?Using both what she learned in the past and what she is still learning, Natalie coaches and teaches also aspiring entrepreneurs about the entrepreneurial world through her blogs, newsletters, events and speaking.

Natalie was featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, American Express Open Forum, Mashable, Visa Business Network, Social Media Today, Problogger, and most recently in Yahoo Finance from being homeless and rich!


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