036: Michelle McCullough Strategize With Michelle

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Michelle McCullough: Strategize With Michelle

Michelle McCullough calls herself a serial entrepreneur.?She has started different projects repeatedly during the past decade, some failing, some progressing. Today, she has several businesses that stick, allowing Michelle to enjoy herself consulting others with their business marketing and helping women entrepreneurs rise to the next level of their own businesses. Having two kids to raise while running three different businesses is tough though, begging the question, how does she manage to pull it off?

On a non-maternity leave, ?because entrepreneurs don?t really get maternity leaves,? Michelle felt she was missing something that all of her successful friends had. ?I think they have some secret.? She sought out ?life balance? that was suggested to her, but was unsuccessful and more of a worried mess at the end of it. In a conversation with Danielle Laporte, Michelle finally felt the click. She had realization that balance is not key. The key is priority.



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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • How to decide where to start with your business
  • The difference between life balance and priority
  • The five hats an entrepreneur wears
  • How self-sacrifice isn’t working for your business


In Michelle?s The Balance Myth Workshop, she helps entrepreneurs realize this same thing. She teaches better time and mindset management, how to create goals that are effective and how to tackle them forward to success. Another critical piece of the puzzle for Michelle is enrollment, getting people in your life involved. ?You?re getting the help you want and need in your business in a way that?s fair for all of your relationships.? Michelle advocates that you can run a business, or several, and still have a fulfilling personal life.


?I believe every entrepreneur wears five hats. Everything we do falls into those five categories of marketing, creating, fulfilling, managing and learning,? says Michelle on what areas to schedule for yourself every single week. In her book, The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs, she gives her time management solutions and scheduling techniques ?so that your business becomes a priority and not something that happens if you have the time.?


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