002: Mark Schaefer Interview l How to Create a Business from a Blog

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Mark Schaefer Blog post

When social media started to take off about six years ago, Mark Schaefer wanted to get in on the ground floor.

A traditional B2B marketing guy, Mark did not initially take to the new world of online marketing and social media. ?When I first tried Twitter,? he says, ?I thought it was the stupidest thing I had seen.?

So to get more versed in the world of social media, Mark took a position teaching at Rutgers, where he is now an adjunct professor of social media and blogging.

Mark is now a top social media expert, but he understands the balance of Twitter and Facebook with more in-depth online content.??You?re not going to have the opportunity to have your message spread virally, to have the opportunity for massive exposure and massive reach unless you provide something a little deeper than a Facebook update or a tweet,? he says.

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In this episode, you?ll find:

  • How to write original, compelling content for your blog
  • How to adapt and optimize your message for an online audience
  • How to systematize your network
  • Why the benefits of social media are very tangible, even if they are not quantifiable
  • The best way to effectively communicate with your Facebook fans
  • How to best manage your image online
  • Secrets to a successful Twitter account
  • Why a blog is key to developing your online presence

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Small businesses have an advantage in Social Media. Learn Why?@markwschaefer

To stand out, you have to be interesting & original. The only way to do that is to have the courage to dig down and be yourself!?@markwschaefer

People want to know us. They want to engage, they want answers, not PR?s spin.? ?@markwschaefer


In order to produce original and engaging content, Mark emphasizes the need to be yourself, to write honestly, and to be able to connect with your readers and customers using your voice. At the root of all your online success is good content.

Working with his clients, Mark emphasizes the need to look outside of traditional marketing strategies in order to grow a business, even for large, established corporations.

He argues that for a younger generation, social media is the ideal way to communicate, connect, and for a business, market to potential customers.

?People under the age of 24 never leave Facebook,? he says. ?Facebook isn?t a website; Facebook is a lifestyle.?

But social media marketing is an art, not a science. The online world is already overloaded with information and advertisements, so there is a real finesse to finding the most effective message that will resonate with your customers. ?[Your customers] want to hear from you,? Mark says.


?They don?t want PR?s spin.? This can be an intimidating prospect for many businesses, having the customers so close and so vocal, but Mark says that in a world of increased customer participation, the small business owner can close the gap between him and large corporations. Small business owners are closer to the customers, he argues, and can listen to them more closely and respond more quickly.

Mark Schaefer is the author of two books, Return on Influence and The Tao of Twitter, and was named by Forbes magazine as one of the Top 50 Social Media ?Power Influencers? in the world.

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