027: How to Get Corporate Sponsors with Linda Hollander

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Linda Hollander got started in her business as a bag lady?the Wealthy Bag Lady. Teaming up with her friend Sheryll Felise, Linda created a company that produced custom print shopping bags, and soon had names like Disney, Nutella, and Sears on their client list. Having crafted her own business success from scratch, Linda realized the value of her business knowledge and soon began working as a consultant, helping small business owners find financial success and personal fulfillment from their business.

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Before she started her business, Linda was in trouble financially, working a dead-end job that couldn’t pay the rent. ?I wanted other women to experience what I experienced, the empowerment that comes from starting and succeeding in your own small business,? Linda says. ?I was able to get out of debt, I was able to fire my boss, I was able to dump the abusive boyfriend? I wanted other women to have that experience.?

One important factor in Linda?s success was her ability to attract big-name sponsors from the get-go. Though many small-business owners are concerned that they don?t have the clout to attract huge corporations, Linda emphasizes that is not the case. ?I was able to get those sponsors because I sold them on the concept,? she says. ?I sold them on my passion. Your business is not too small to get corporate sponsors; you just have to package your business appropriately to get a corporate sponsor.?


In this episode you?ll learn:

  • The financial secrets to starting your business on a budget
  • How to choose a lucrative business model
  • The facts and myths about corporate sponsorships
  • What corporations are looking for in the small businesses they sponsor
  • How to write a great proposal for potential sponsors
  • The nitty, gritty details of sponsorship jargon
  • The different kinds of corporate sponsorships and how you can leverage them
  • The general range on sponsorship deals, so you know what to ask for and what to expect
  • How to choose corporate sponsors that make sense for your business




Having an audience with purchasing power is one of the best ways to get large corporations to sponsor your business. There are plenty of opportunities for funding for non-profit projects, but Linda advises pursuing other methods of funding, for example, grants, as a way to back projects like these. But using the traditional sponsorship model, the important thing to keep in mind is the give-and-take relationship between you and your sponsor(s). ?When you pitch a sponsor, remember that it?s about them and not about you,? Linda says. ?The sponsor?s primary concern is how are they going to grow their customer base, how is this going to translate to sales, how are you going to educate people about their project and their company? Make it about them.?

Linda is the author of Bags to Riches and the founder of the Women?s Small Business Expo. She also works as a speaker and has over 20 years of experience as a coach for small business owners.


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