030: How to Create EPIC Content that People Want to Share with @JoePulizzi

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Joe Pulizzi started at a large media company called Penton Media in early 2000. ?Joe was suck as the person who had to sell something to the people who didn?t want to buy anything. ??We started putting together custom magazine programs, custom newsletter programs, custom webinar programs,? said Joe. ?After earning his stripes in marketing he left in 2007.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • The biggest mistakes made in content marketing and the #1 reason why they fail
  • Ways to separate and get recognized from the competition with Content
  • Examples of GREAT content marketing
  • Basic steps for epic content marketing
  • 3 things to focus on for KEY objectives to your content marketing plan
  • Savvy Tips for companies using content marketing




?I spend a lot of time in front of a lot of cheap marketing officers using a lot of different terms.? He reiterated from his experience with Penton Media. ?But when I said content marketing, that?s the one they kind of sat up in their chairs? Joe says. ??And that?s when I had a really good feeling that would sort of be the term and that?s when we launched what was Content Marketing in 2007.?

At the moment when the term was born, Joe already had big plans for it. ?Because there were no barriers for either the customer or the entrepreneur, there were so many ways to go in Content Marketing.

Joe became the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and became the active backbone of the company. Joe has then changed the definition of content marketing around the world. ?Joe has written Managing Content Marketing and Get Content Get Customers with Epic Content Marketing being his newest book.


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