045: How to Speed Read and Retain 10X More Information with Howard Berg

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Growing up in Brooklyn, Howard Berg soon realized that the safest place to be in his neighborhood was the library. Books, and the knowledge that they possessed, catapulted him into his desire to learn and his voracity for it.

He realized that he was reading so fast, that he was doing incredible feats. He began to wonder if these were skills that were teachable, and whether he could help others achieve the same amount of success that he has himself.

The average person speaks and reads about two hundred words a minute, and Howard believes that if you can encourage people to see the words in their mind like a movie, their speeds can go up a hundred percent. He encourages you to read as fast as you can comprehend, and he says that you can read ten to fifteen times faster than you were before. This is a man that truly believes in the power of understanding and determination, and wants you to believe as well.


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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • What to do to improve your reading comprehension
  • A test as to how to improve your reading speed
  • The true importance of reading
  • The levels of reading
  • The 5 things you must learn to master a subject
  • The role that emotional intelligence plays
  • Techniques to overcome creative block?




Something that Howard really wants you to grasp is that reading means nothing if you aren’t comprehending the facts. If you?re just memorizing the information, you aren’t really absorbing what you?re reading. Howard Berg is really focused on helping people to increase their ability to obtain knowledge and to keep that knowledge.

However, something that he really likes to remind people to focus on, is the fact that emotional intelligence is very important. Despite the fact that he is selling his product, he is still very much a teacher and is focused on helping people. Doing various things that allow you to have more energy and to feel more engaged in your life, while also allowing you to actually gain knowledge, is what Howard Berg is all about.


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  1. Ricky Says:

    Any idea what has happened to Howards’s site? Tried to get there after listening to the podcast, but it seems to be down?

    • Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, I’m checking in with Howard and will be post soon! Cheers -Kris