The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast —-> #FirstFriday Raffles!

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I’m so excited to Announce the Launch of #FirstFriday’s!


What is it?

With the Launch of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast I wanted to do something really fun and engaging for all my amazing listeners. Week after week I’ll be bringing you the TOP Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and sharing how they have build their business. Making them reveal ALL the amazing Nuggets and Gems that have gotten them to where they are and how you can implement their strategies too in your business to do the same.

SO– what is #FirstFridays? It’s a Raffle that will take place the First Friday of Every Month for being a listener of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.

How to Enter?

To enter the Raffle all you simple have to do is:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1) Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes —>?http://bit.ly/13Rt5wW

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2) Leave a us a Review in iTunes!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Then you’re in Until you WIN!


The Prizes?

We will be raffling of $25 gift cards to your Favorite retailers such as Amazon.com, iTunes, Ebay, Starbucks, Target, VISA and more!

This is JUST the beginning. As this continues to grow the prizes will too— stay tuned for more FUN and until thenNow Go?Subscribe and Leave Your review already?and then let’s Raffle it up!

How to Claim your prize as a Winner?

Simple listen in the First Friday of Every month to hear if your name is called from your iTunes Review. Then, enter your details on the contact page on the website within 30 days of your name being called– and we will send your gift card.


Can you help spread the word?

Simple email this link to a Friend that you think could use Tips from My Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Interviews and help spread the love!


Lifestyle Entreprenuer



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There are 2 comments


  1. Leslie Howard Says:

    Just downloaded Stitcher recently. Tripped over your podcast. It’s one of my stations now. Great questions, great interviews, great energy. Much love to you and the fantastic work you’re doing.

    • Hi Leslie! Great to connect and so happy you found The Lifestyle Entrepreneur on Stitcher! Stay tuned for more amazing lifestyle interviews, please let me know what you’re looking for specifically in your business as well! Cheers -Kris