Live Hangout: How to Establish Yourself as Expert with 3 Lovely Ladies

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Come hangout with Carrie Green, Yifat Cohen, and myself on Tuesday Oct. 15 @

12:30 pm PST l 1:30 PM MST l 2:30 pm CST l 3:30 pm EST l 8:30 pm UK

We’re be streaming the Hangout?Right from this blog post?+ on?Facebook.


This LIVE ?Super? hangout is to help provide Super Crystal Clear
Clarity?for you and your business and to help you LAUNCH.

TO WIN and Hour of COACHING with me,

1) Simply Purchase my #1 How to Podcast Book On Amazon for only $2.99,

2) ?then leave a review on Amazon for the book.

Drawing will be will be on Oct. 25th!! And posted on the Female Entrepneurship FB Page and Mine as well!

The WINNER IS::?Reba Charleston – thank you Reba, excited for our coaching call together. P

Please contact me via the contact form here on my website!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 4.10.32 PM

Watch the Hangout Now:?

We?ll be talking about these topics on the Hangout:?

  • — How a Podcast Can Position Yourself as an Expert
  • — How to Easily Repurpose Content to Create Your Own Unique Podcast
  • — 7 Ways to Monetize a Podcast
  • — How to Establish Yourself as an Expert with Hangouts + Amazon Books
  • — Live Q/A To Answer any of your BIGGEST Business Questions


?+ Win an Hour of FREE Coaching with me on your business!

1. Purchase the book below for a Limited Time Only: $2.99

2. Leave a review on Amazon up until Thursday 10/24/2013.

3. I’ll be drawing a name on Friday for the Winner of a FREE HOUR of Coaching and posting here and on our FB Pages!




We are looking forward to hanging out with you tomorrow!

Please leave us any question you have below for us to answer live??







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There are 27 comments


  1. I am rebranding from DrivenEngagement.com to EpicWinInc.com. How can podcasting help to establish my new brand vs. Google Hangouts? Isn’t it better to embrace the new strategy of Google Plus and Hangouts more important than podcasting? After all, this isn’t 2005. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Christopher – Is your new website up yet, it wasn’t pulling for me to check out yet? I do like the drivenengagment.com feel and look though! ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, depending on what you’re looking for I think a dual combo with hangout + podcasting can be brilliant for you. I like to teach take the incredible content you create and then Re-purpose it everywhere! We’ll be talking about this today about taking hangouts and repurposing them, which is exactly what you can do. I’ll touch on the differences in community to – but for a quickie the iTunes demographic is Amazing – they are affluent, hard to reach, and looking for experts to help solve their problems and entertain them – plus your content is easier this way to take on the go in a podcast form. and that’s just the start! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. JaNet Says:

    I am trying to start podcasting and want to learn more how to do that right.

    • Hi JaNet -we’ll be covering ton of great content today on the hangout for you! Make sure to subscribe below here and you’ll also receive a free podcast mini-course!

  3. How do I find a competent person (and fair priced!) to do the uploading etc of the recordings to Itunes? Is Fivvr, etc. the only way to do that?

    Many thanks!

    PS Will you be offering a replay? And Thank You, Kris, for making this all happen.

    • Hi Christine! Yes I can definitely help you, I have a team that edits and produces podcasts audios DFY you or I can refer you some great people. I haven’t used Fiverr.com, I would suggest odesk to find audio/video editors as well. Check pm me on my contact form for more deets!

  4. Tim Says:

    Not sure from reading this post where to login to watch 12:30pst podcast brainstorm session. Do we simply return to this email for later info?



  5. I’m debuting in person Consciosness Salon for those looking for meaningful convos on consciousness. I’m wondering on to extend the convo beyond the event. Or I may use my flipthis soul courage and soul reinvention coaching as the platform for the podcast. Live your input

    • Hey Melanie! The idea of your podcast to grow your community on a global level is what I can definitely seeing working for you too. You could make it both and then have an engaging show where people can leave their questions that you can answer live on the podcast and build your credibility, trust and community (while still having the in person touch!) (also did you get my email on your strategy session?)

  6. Tim Says:

    Hi Kris

    When starting your podcast what ideas do you have regarding financing your new venture? I have a background in Online Marketing & Online Auctions and have been doing that for sometime. However, after a few recent financial downturns in he past year I went back to corporate sales positions, in short term it solved some money problems but left me little to no time for my self employmt or family puruits. My podcast ideas revolve around two different niches, one on entrepreneurship & other in Dating & relating Niche

    At this point I believe I’m better off finding a part time W2 or 1099,bridge job while building my own businesses aand would appreciate any thoughts/advice you have on that. Feel that building my own profitable business is more secure than a W2 job in this economy & it definetly fits my personality better.

    I’ve already looked at work thru various agencies as a subcontractor as well as fun temp work, Bartender, Congressman,Senator etc,lol! But again appreciate your thoughts

    San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    Online Marketing & Auction Services

  7. Tim Says:

    Hi Kris,

    I was not able to view your live youtube stream from this post. I tried the link on multiple browsers on my smartphone and none worked. Please let me know if you have a replay or audio number I can dial in to.



  8. Ande Says:

    Goddess Yifat! I’m over the moon in love with your background – where did you get it? Unless things have changed in Austin…? ๐Ÿ˜€ #MUAH!

  9. Tim Says:

    Hi Kris,

    Wasn’t able to view your Google Hangout on smartphone however was able to view it on Desktop. Try my best to avoid being tied to a desktop wherever possible.


  10. Trying to sign up for your newsletter / updates, with join button on your page but it times out and nothing happens. Been listening to you on the podcast and want to join.

    • Hi Cynthia – thanks so much for listening to the podcast! which opt-in where you trying to opt-in at that was giving you a problem?

      THanks so much for letting me know, I think it still opted you in, having my team on it asap!

  11. Great show, ladies. I’d just like to really stress out that you can do both, hangout and then extract the MP3 form YouTube and then purpose it in a podcast.
    Just do it!

  12. Sophia Says:

    Hi Kris, I’m about to release my book on increasing employability. How do I make a big impact or noise, when launching on Amazon?

    • Hi Sophia –
      1) Make sure you pick the right categories, 2) make sure your keywords are strong, 3) have a book buying frenzy over a couple of days to get the word out and poeple buying wihtia 24-48 hour period to get it to rank high on Amazon! (blog post to come soon on how I hit #1 on Amazon too)

  13. Dave Says:

    What is the point of a podcast when you can have a google hangout
    300 bucks for a hangout studio and 1500 for a podcast studio

    • Hi Dave – you can use the exact same equipment that you use on a google hangout as you do for your podcast. What I like to teach is to repurpose the audio or the actual video from the hangout
      and create a podcast with it. you can easily strip the audio from the hangout or that the video file and then have your content be easily found in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Blackberry, etc. and the podcast networks for people to also find your content and easily take it on the go with them!

      • Dave Kenny Says:

        Kris, thanks for replying and I bow to your greater knowledge
        Google Hangout seems to replace podcasting for me
        Feels like radio v TV

        • That’s great Dave – that’s the beauty of technology today we have so many amazing platforms you have to find that one that speaks and works best for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Astrid Says:

    Great hangout today – very informative ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Kris,

    The hangout was simply amazing and helped me in an amazing way. Will it be published or posted to YouTube? If so, can you tell me when? I’d like to watch it again. I’ve started reading your book, and I’m already getting great insight. Thanks again.



    • Hi Misty!

      Thank you for joining us and so glad you were able to take so much from it! The replay of the hangout is also published above in the blog post for you as well. Thanks for picking up the book and make sure to leave a review
      to be entered for a chance to win FREE coaching! ๐Ÿ™‚