031: The Top 3 Mindset Beliefs of the High Achievers with Corey Poirier

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Corey Poirier?s?story starts at 19, when the small-town native launched his own publication as a way to combat the out-of-town media in his town. A year later, his career trajectory changed completely when he began working for Toshiba Canada and later, Konica Minolta. And that?s when he discovered his real passion. ?I was working with customers one-on-one and spending a lot of time in sales and interviewing them and finding out how they ran the company, why they were looking for the equipment they were, and really just becoming more of a?consultant,? Corey says. ?I believe that?s where the interviewing took root.?

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Now, Corey Poirier works as a?speaker and consultant.?He has interviewed successful business people in all industries and has identified three?key traits that all high-achievers have in common: a desire to learn, an ability to focus entirely on the present and a passion for what they?re doing.?The passion component of business is the most important determining factor in a person?s success and Corey emphasizes the importance of finding and acting on your passion. ?Everybody?s passion is different and people find it in so many different ways that I don?t think there?s one way to do it,? Corey says. ?But first, figure out what it was you would do for free if money wasn?t an issue; your passion probably lies somewhere in there.?

Most importantly, Corey advises,?you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone to find your passion.?And never to fear failure.??High-achievers?aren’t?afraid to fail because they know that the failure is really necessary to get to success,??Corey says. ?I haven?t come across any of them that haven?t failed.?


In this episode you?ll learn

  • How to effectively craft a speech for a given time limit
  • How to develop your own voice as a speaker
  • The simple secret to getting big-name people on your podcast/radio show/etc.
  • The three critical traits that every high-achiever has
  • How to identify and act on your passion
  • The secrets to great customer service
  • Why failure is a key stepping stone to success




Corey has conducted over 1,000 interviews with some of the highest achieving people in the world on his radio show?Conversations with Passion?and has presented in front of more than 50,000 people over the course of his career.


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