Join me on @CreativeLive w/ @KrisGilbertson on How to Launch a World Class Podcast! March 5-7, 14

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Ever wonder how to reach thousands — or even millions — with your message?

Want to create incredible engagement with your audience? Stand out from the crowd and truly showcase your brilliance?

Want to learn how to launch your business and generate leads, traffic, and sales

. . . and all you need to do to accomplish this is just TALK?

Then I invite you to join me for ?a 3 Fun-Filled, Info-Packed Days with creativeLIVE on March 5-7… and get ALL your questions answered, and THEN some!

Register Here: http://bit.ly/CLpodcast

Learn How to Launch a World Class Podcast . . .


Because if you’re looking for a business-building, lead-generating and reputation-enhancing way to promote your business,?your cause or your passion, podcasting can help you to do all this and more.

After all, we are a connection-based, on-demand society. We want REAL engagement with REAL people.

Most of all, we want to be able to tune in to programming WE control.

Podcasting is just the vehicle for you and your message to be found and heard.

Look around, and notice how people listen to podcasts on their commute… walking the dog… working out… doing the dishes, relaxing, and even waiting at the DMV!! The best part is, podcasts are mobile-friendly, allowing you to create epic connections with your listener on THEIR schedule.

They’ll LOVE you for it!

There is no better way than podcasting to reach thousands of people at the same time… and yet, you’ll create an intimate person-to-person relationship with each one of your listeners!!!

Not sure Podcasting is for you?

Check out the scale and soul of the future of podcasting…

There are currently over 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers in iTunes. And that audience is growing by leaps and bounds every day!

Here’s a fact that may surprise you…

Even global corporations like Mazda, MINI, Subaru, GM, Ford and many more vehicle manufacturers now stream their own Stitcher Radio + podcasts to a world-wide audience of current and future customers. What’s more, they’re benefiting from a wave of individual, personalized and on-target consumer responses every time they broadcast a new episode.

Wouldn’t YOU love to have that kind of direct-connection to the people in YOUR market?

Then register now to catch 3 power-packed online sessions on creativeLIVE… for FREE!

Register Here:?http://bit.ly/CLpodcast

You can actually attend 1, 2 or all 3 sessions on March 5-7, from 9am to 4pm PST. And when you join us LIVE during the broadcasts, you won’t pay a penny for ALL this training!
Imagine, it’s like getting me as your personal coach for 3 WHOLE DAYS at no charge! Plus, if you’d like access to the recordings after the LIVE sessions are complete, they’re offering a KILLER deal too (more on that in a minute?)

Here’s everything I’ll be covering during the event:

Session 1

  • Why Podcasting?
  • The Making of a World-Class Podcast
  • 5 Keys to Success
  • Content Curation & Creation

Session 2

  • Magnetic Show Title & Album Artwork
  • Repurposing Content
  • How to Create Epic Interviews
  • How to Set Up a Home Studio & Record Edit

Session 3

  • How to Produce a Successful Show
  • Launch Your Podcast
  • New & Noteworthy Blueprint for Success
  • 5 Surefire Marketing Strategies
  • 7 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

PLUS . . .? I?m also excited to be bringing on some Amazing guests, that have never all assembled together at one event!!

Even better, I?ve had them all agree to share their exact tips, strategies, and even some secrets to success! that they haven?t shared anywhere else . . . and the best part it?s ALL FREE!

(and a few more Secret guests coming so this is one event you do not want to miss!)

As I mentioned, creativeLIVE?s classes are FREE to watch during the live broadcast.

Plus, anyone with an Internet connection can ask me questions via creativeLIVE?s chatroom and social media channels. And after the broadcast, my course (which clocks in at over 18 total learning hours) is also available to purchase for ‘Anytime access’ for only $99 (see, I told you they had a killer deal for you!)

So be sure to register now and join us on creativeLIVE March 5-7, to learn how to launch your podcast to launch your business and create your celebrity status!

Register Here:?http://bit.ly/CLpodcast


Join me LIVE @CreativeLIVE Studios in San Francisco? Here’s How . . .


Here’s your chance to exchange your run-of-the-mill afternoon for a fast-paced, info-packed experience that’s TOTALLY engaging!

Of course, we only have a limited number of seats available. But if you hurry, it’s easy to enter for your chance to attend with us LIVE in the studio — just complete these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a short 1 minute video on why you want to learn how to start a podcast… and while you’re at it, mention a good reason to choose YOU as one of our LIVE attendees.
  2. Tweet your video entry URL to @creativelive @krisgilbertson (and mark it with the hashtag #krisLIVE so we can find your entry right away!)
  3. Simply fill out this form and send?to Creative Live.http://bit.ly/LIVEapp

That’s all it takes to enter… and you may be selected for our @creativeLIVE studio audience!?

Either way, I hope to ‘see’ you when we go live on creativeLIVE on March 5-7, from 9am to 4pm PST.

Reserve Your Spot Here:?http://bit.ly/CLpodcast


To Your Ultimate Success!


p.s. Looking forward to “seeing” you all there!! Make sure to add me on Twitter ?@KrisGilbertson to make sure all your questions are answered throughout the event too!

?p.p.s.?I?ve had the most fun with @CreativeLIVE events by having a few friends together for the event — that way we all get to mastermind together on our ideas and then get our questions answered live.

Think it?s a fun idea . . .simply email this blog post to your friends and tell them to join you for this event! ?http://bit.ly/LIVEwithKris

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    • Excellent Melissa — I’m so excited too — make sure to bring ALL your questions! 🙂

  1. Nab Says:

    I signed up for it… I’m on it right now, but there are no classes on air (It’s March 6th 9:18 am PST)!
    I can’t view any of the videos either. It’s asking me to pay.
    I refreshed the page, changed browser but I get the same result. Been trying for quite some time now 🙁

  2. I’d like to find out about the courses you offer and also how to watch the rebroadcast of how to create a successful podcast from creative live. I went to your website and signed up today, but unfortunately I missed the class at creative live.