041: How to Become an Outsource PRO with Chris Ducker

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Chris Ducker, after having to reevaluate the way that he was running his business with his wife, set a goal to be a full time virtual CEO.

His book Virtual Freedom recently launched, is a step-by-step guide in how to remove yourself from your business and the exact process to avoid all the mistakes Chris’ learned throughout this process and through now running ?a staff of over 300 employees.

Through all of this effort, he was able to go from working 5-6 days a week, working 16 hour days, to working four days a week and only having 7-8 hour days.

Chris had ?gone from [him] running his business to his business running [him], and he finally realized it was time for a change.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • What the ?SuperHero Syndrome? is and how an entrepreneurial path is shaped by this
  • How to find and hire your staff the first time around
  • 3 Lists to Freedom Exercise
  • Where you can find the right VA?s, and why they should do certain tasks for you
  • Once you?ve built your team, how to take it to the next level
  • How Virtual Freedom will minimize mistakes and maximize results


A huge misconception that Chris Ducker had to learn the hard way, was that the entrepreneur (himself, as well as anyone on his team) could not do everything that needed to be done.

He realized time and time again that he needed people to help him, to optimize his business to its fullest potential, and that his team also needed help to do all of the things that needed to be done.

He also began to understand that his VA was not perfect, and they needed help and direction if they were going to do everything that was required of them. As well as this, you have to trust your VA to do their job, and not be a ?virtual vulture? by monitoring everything they do online.

That decision fueled his business, and his ability to reach a lot more people on a much wider scale. Ducker even described himself as the ?complete brick and mortar, old school business guy? and claims that he forced himself to ?throw himself into the online world?.




A big game changer moment was when Chris Ducker made up his own ?3 lists to Freedom? exercise.

? ? ? ? ? ??3 Steps to FREEDOM: Going through each step:

A. Make a list of jobs that you hate to do

B. Make a list of jobs you can?t do

C. Make a list of jobs that, as a business owner, you shouldn?t be doing.

He really discovered this is the way to become a much smarter business owner, and improve his website and his team even more. As well as this list, another huge game changer for Chris was hiring a manager to manage his entire team.

He began to realize that he was no longer managing business, but managing people. In hiring a manager to do all of those tasks for him, he was able to devote a lot more time to the parts of his business that really needed his attention.

Chris came to understand that while ?money will come and go, time is your most valuable commodity?. ??

When asked what he would do if he had to start all over again, with his current empire in mind, his response to his first mode of action was ?blogging?.

Despite the undeniable passion Ducker has for his work, he could be in a totally different stratosphere if he would have started blogging early on in his business career.

Despite this realization, it is evident that Chris Ducker is not only successful because of his own right, but because of his understanding that he had to drop the ?Superhero Syndrome? and ask for some help!


Please share below what superhero syndrome you want to drop?

WIN A FREE Copy of Virtual Freedom:?Simply Tweet WHY You need Virtual Freedom @KrisGilbertson @ChrisDucker and he will be giving away copies of his new book for the best reason!


Simply FILL IN THE CLICK TO TWEET with your #1 Reason Why CHRIS Should Send you a FREE Copy of his book!


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