046: Get Media Happy with Andreea Ayers


Andreea Ayers is the founder of of Launch Grow Joy and true expert when you’re looking to expand your business with media and guest blogging. She can show you how to use marketing to your advantage, and how it can help take your business to the next level. Having had and sold three other businesses, Click to listen, watch, or read!

047: How to create your dream lifestyle with Abel James

Considered a serial entrepreneur, Abel James is the ?Renaissance? man when it comes to helping people reach their utmost potential. It all started in the beginning of his career, when he was working three different jobs, trying to get ahead of the game. He wasn?t paying attention to his health or his stress levels, and Click to listen, watch, or read!

045: How to Speed Read and Retain 10X More Information with Howard Berg


  Growing up in Brooklyn, Howard Berg soon realized that the safest place to be in his neighborhood was the library. Books, and the knowledge that they possessed, catapulted him into his desire to learn and his voracity for it. He realized that he was reading so fast, that he was doing incredible feats. He Click to listen, watch, or read!

044: How to Accelerate Your Business with Eben Pagan


  Eben Pagan, grew up in the backwoods of Oregon with no formal education on business or marketing. Eben first started out with a real estate license and an old camaro, driving around with a long pony tail trying to sell houses for his first business! After struggling in the beginning, from dropping out of Click to listen, watch, or read!

043: Five Simple Steps to Attracting Joint Ventures Partners with Rich German


Rich German will tell he’s the man to joke about ?being a coach before coaching was cool?, ?as he’s been a part of this field since 1999. Initially, Rich was involved with real estate, and hired a coach because he didn’t really love that business. He soon discovered that he loved the business of coaching, Click to listen, watch, or read!

042: How to Create Off the Charts Results in Your Business with Nathalie Lussier


  Nathalie Lussier refers to herself as a digital strategist.?She helps her clients to align their digital strategies with the lifestyle that they want to create, by helping them to know who they are, and what their goals are. When she began to figure out what she was offering, she was able to really fuel Click to listen, watch, or read!

041: How to Become an Outsource PRO with Chris Ducker


  Chris Ducker, after having to reevaluate the way that he was running his business with his wife, set a goal to be a full time virtual CEO. His book Virtual Freedom recently launched, is a step-by-step guide in how to remove yourself from your business and the exact process to avoid all the mistakes Click to listen, watch, or read!

040: Escaping Cubicle Nation and Threading Your Story Together with Pamela Slim


  Creating a possible ?love letter to creation?, with the attempt to get rid of labels, Pamela Slim really pins the ideas of entrepreneurship and starting your own business into place. According to Pamela Slim, ?We are creative beings who are forging new territory.? Listen Now: [powerpress] ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Click to listen, watch, or read!

Join me on @CreativeLive w/ @KrisGilbertson on How to Launch a World Class Podcast! March 5-7, 14


  Ever wonder how to reach thousands — or even millions — with your message? Want to create incredible engagement with your audience? Stand out from the crowd and truly showcase your brilliance? Want to learn how to launch your business and generate leads, traffic, and sales . . . and all you need to Click to listen, watch, or read!

038: How to Shift Your Mindset for Success with Rob Moore


Rob Moore didn’t always know that his motivation and purpose was to move people. The conversation with his mother right after he graduated changed his life forever and motivated him to change what he thought was set in stone. ??I literarily changed my life over night.? He goes on to explain, ? I ended up Click to listen, watch, or read!