034: How to Get 80,000+ Facebook Fans with Carrie Green

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Carrie Green started her business when she was 20. “I started my business when I was 20. ?I just finished my first year of study law at the University and I ran out of money” she stated. “So I looked into different jobs and an opportunity came to start this online business.” While Carrie had no idea about mobile phones, she jumped straight into the online business exactly about those.


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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • How to interact with your fan base
  • What it means to increase your website views
  • How to write emails to your email list
  • Know how to interact on Facebook
  • A Facebook strategy to really launch your business
  • Add value to your audience


Over the next two years she split her time between the mobile phone online business and finishing her studies. ?”I basically learned how to run a business,” Carrie let on, “So when I graduated, I think it was turning into, 10,000 pounds a month, it was crazy!” After that, deciding she had way more fun doing this, Carrie dropped the idea of becoming a lawyer and decided to expand her business to international.

The next couple of years she was dedicated to learn marketing strategies to increase flow into her website. 100,000 visits to the website were done with a little tweaking and selling thousands of codes throughout the world. ?”We completely systemized the whole thing.




So we outsourced all the different tasks so I basically didn’t have to do anything,” Carrie explained, “Which on one hand was amazing! On the other hand, it was really boring and I felt really isolated.” Carrie had spent running this business on her own and because of this isolation, she traveled to Australia hoping to get an epiphany. ?No such luck came to her. ?”In 2011 it really hit me that the reason I was in that position was because of myself.” Carrie determined, “I needed to really do something about it and change my mind set.”

Thus,?The Female Entrepreneur Association?was created. ?Carrie wanted ?To be able to connect to like-minded women and do something that would inspire people who were just like me and help them make their dreams come true.??Carrie passionately stated. ?She has 85,000 people in her community right now. ?Carrie sat down and made a website, though she admitted that she thought she as no good at it, and launched it soon after.

She went onto similar websites and asked if the women would be willing to share their stories on her website. ?It was a big success. ?Although she was able to publish these amazing stories, no one was reading them. ?She said, ?That?s when I started to think about how I was going to get all of the traffic and that?s when this whole idea to focus on Facebook came in.?


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