027: How to Get Corporate Sponsors with Linda Hollander


Linda Hollander got started in her business as a bag lady?the Wealthy Bag Lady. Teaming up with her friend Sheryll Felise, Linda created a company that produced custom print shopping bags, and soon had names like Disney, Nutella, and Sears on their client list. Having crafted her own business success from scratch, Linda realized the Click to listen, watch, or read!

026: How to Generate Leads with G+ Hangouts with Yifat Cohen


Yifat Cohen knows as much about Google+ as anyone. As one of the first 100 beta testers of the new social media site, Yifat has been involved from the start. ?I sucked at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn,? she says. ?I had no success and nothing happened. But in Google+ I found I started meeting people Click to listen, watch, or read!

025: How to Create a Social Media Strategy and How to Rock Pinterest with Beth Hayden and Meghann Conter


    Listen Now: [powerpress] ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ????Subscribe and Leave a Review?in iTunes?to???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Enter?for First Friday’s Raffle*?l?Listen in Stitcher Listen to this Click to listen, watch, or read!

024: Top 4 Videos You Must Have in Your Marketing to Double Your Business with Corey Michael Poirier and Ira Rosen


  Corey and Ira started a business together in 2009 and quickly realized they had a problem; they would spend lots of time at networking events and would collect a stack of business cards, but nothing ever came of those connections. ?What we did is we decided to follow up with all of them,? Corey Click to listen, watch, or read!

Live Hangout: How to Establish Yourself as Expert with 3 Lovely Ladies


————————————————————————————————————————————————— Come hangout with Carrie Green, Yifat Cohen, and myself on Tuesday Oct. 15 @ 12:30 pm PST l 1:30 PM MST l 2:30 pm CST l 3:30 pm EST l 8:30 pm UK We’re be streaming the Hangout?Right from this blog post?+ on?Facebook.   This LIVE ?Super? hangout is to help provide Super Crystal Click to listen, watch, or read!

023: How to Easily Generate Leads with LinkedIn Strategies with Chris Muccio


Chris Muccio?has been tapping into technology to guide his own success in business for years. With his experiences through ?corporate America,? he now brings his insights to the table for new businesses and brands, utilizing digital strategies to build efficient and effective financial systems.? Through it all, Chris maintains that your ?human side? is what Click to listen, watch, or read!

022: How to Create On Purpose Result with Gary Barnes


  Fear of Success Fear hinders many. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what could go wrong. It?s not the fear of failure though, but the fear of success. Many people today are of the mindset, It?s better to give than receive. But how do you give out of an empty bucket? This fear of Click to listen, watch, or read!

021: How to Make it on TV with Fran Harris


  As a member of the women?s basketball team at the University of Texas, Fran Harris became well acquainted with the media long before her career in broadcasting began. ?I remember just how much fun I had talking to [sportscasters],? Fran says. ?Just letting my personality come through, learning all about what the media and Click to listen, watch, or read!

020: How to Let Go and The 6 Traits All Entrepreneurs Have in Common with Jim Britt


Jim Britt?s entrepreneurial career began in a factory. Working for $1.67/hour, Jim saw that he was stuck in a dead-end job and calculated that at the rate he was going, he could retire 20 years after he died. When a coworker lured him to a meeting after work one day with the promise of a Click to listen, watch, or read!

019: How To Write A Best Seller with Alicia Dunams


Listen Now: [powerpress] ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ????Subscribe and Leave a Review?in iTunes?to???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Enter?for First Friday’s Raffle*?l?Listen in Stitcher There?s no secret formula to Click to listen, watch, or read!