046: Get Media Happy with Andreea Ayers

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Andreea Ayers is the founder of of Launch Grow Joy and true expert when you’re looking to expand your business with media and guest blogging.

She can show you how to use marketing to your advantage, and how it can help take your business to the next level.

Having had and sold three other businesses, Andreea walks her talk and has a unique perspective on how to help you get noticed and stay noticed in the market place.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • Top 5 Steps to Get “Media Ready”
  • The Best way to Grab An Audience’s Attention
  • How to Get Really Specific
  • Sample Pitch Letter – paragraph by paragraph
  • People to Contact, in regards to Blogging

A lot of people struggle with which blogs to get into contact with when they first want to start guest blogging.

Andreea advises you to look at the blogs that you enjoy and that have a following of your ideal customers.

Another great way to find blogs is to ask your audience, to see what they’re looking at and reading on a consistent basis.

She talks about how it is better to start with a blog with a smaller audience, because it?s not only less intimidating, but will help you to hone your pitch and to see what is and isn’t working.

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