019: How To Write A Best Seller with Alicia Dunams

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There?s no secret formula to Alicia Dunams‘ success. After writing and self-publishing her own book in 2007, Alicia began her work as a publishing consultant, helping her clients write and publish their books without spending a lot of money.

Having spent $30,000 on her own book, including a hefty fee for a publicist, Alicia realized there was another way. She effectively leveraged her role as an author to book speaking engagements and to attract speakers for her own seminar, the Wealthy Girl Summit.

Along the way, she realized the potential that book publishing can have and transitioned into the consulting business to help her clients use their books as a platform for their businesses.

The primary reason people write books, Alicia says, is to establish their credibility as an expert. ?You become an expert, first of all, by defining who your target audience is and how you help them,? she says. ?But you can also become an expert by interviewing other experts, by being the curator of other people?s content.

That?s a way to align yourself with them and to become an expert as well.? Interviews are a great way to generate content for a book as well as network with other people in your industry.


In this episode you?ll learn:

  • How to leverage your book to land speaking engagements
  • A formula for effectively titling and sub-titling your book
  • Everything you need to know about the Amazon e-book marketplace
  • How to pick the best category and subcategories for your book to maximize impact
  • How to identify your target audience
  • The one simple tip to writing a great book
  • How to get started with the writing process
  • Alicia?s five-step formula for writing a best-seller


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In the book world, niche audience titles are becoming more and more popular, so Alicia encourages really narrowing down your target audience and strategically picking your category and sub-category placement in order to maximize exposure and have the greatest impact.

?You don?t write a huge book on social media, for example, Social Media 10, because that could be a 500-page book,? Alicia says. ?It?s better to be targeted, for example, Social Media for Lawyers.? Ultimately, it is better to be a great resource for a smaller number of people than to try to be everything to everyone.

By defining a targeted audience, your book will have a much greater impact and will boost your business much more.

Alicia is the creator of the acclaimed Bestseller in a Weekend program and the author of the bestseller Goal Digger: Lessons Learned from the Rich Men I Dated. She has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and on Oprah & Friends and Good Morning America.


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Alicia’s Process was what allowed me to FINALLY get my book out of my head — after years of waiting I finally did it! ?Plus I was able to Hit #1 Paid Best Seller in 3 Categories because of key strategies she teaches in her webinar, make sure to check it out below!

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