Hi I?m Kris Gilbertson, founder of the Lifestyle Academy, and I?m willing to bet you?re feeling EXACTLY like I did when I started my first business:

Are you experiencing any of these ?Symptoms???

      • Totally overwhelmed by Social Media
      • Confused on How to Exactly Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales
      • Anxious about Putting Yourself out there on Video
      • Frustrated with Blogging or Not Sure How to Gain Traction with it
      • Unsure about How to Become the Expert in Your Niche
      • Confused about How to get your message Heard by more people
      • Baffled by webinars and needing direction on how to Craft Your Own Unique passive-income products
      • And then How to Systematize it all into one Cute Business Bow!

You?re wondering, ?Will I EVER figure this out and finally crack the code to my financial freedom??

Here?s the good news?if that?s how you?re feeling, you?re in the right place.

The Lifestyle Academy is an elite, fast-growing online community that equips driven, motivated entrepreneurs (like you) with the business savvy they need to succeed so that they can live the life that they?ve always wanted.

Week after week, I?ll bring you expert advice from some of the biggest names and most successful lifestyle entrepreneurs from around the globe?I like to call them, ?The Best of the Best??to teach you how to rapidly turn your business around and take you from frustration . . . to freedom.?

Learn how to create a world-class podcast to establish yourself, radically expand your email list, build a loyal tribe of hardcore fans, and rapidly turn prospects into paying customers.

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So, Why podcasting?

rise of the podcast-fixed

Podcasting has risen from the ashes?and now it?s hotter than ever.?

Look around you?people are perpetually attached to their mobile phones. It?s how we communicate, how we consume information, how we stay in touch with the world around us while we?re on the go.

As a business, if you can connect with people on their mobile phones, you can connect with them wherever they are.

This is the can?t-miss opportunity that podcasting affords entrepreneurs who are determined to stand out from the pack.

Not only that, but:

#1: People only buy from businesses and brands they know, like and TRUST.

A podcast brings your business to life in a way that words on a page can?t. There?s something about watching you talk or hearing you speak that enables you to foster a deeper connection with people than you ever could with blogging alone.

People can listen to you on the go?educating and entertaining themselves while in the car, walking the dog, running errands, or washing the dishes. You?re right there with them and you almost become a friend by default.

#2 iTunes provides a FREE distribution network through which you can leverage your brand.?

By publishing a podcast in the iTunes marketplace, you?re partnering with Apple?one of the most trusted and highly regarded brands on the planet with one of the most loyal followings.

iTunes has over? 45-million people tuning in to podcasts on a monthly basis and this number is only set to grow.

Not to mention the fact that your show?s iTunes listing operates as a valuable backlink to your website, allowing you to be found more easily on the web.

#3 People are hungry for knowledge.?

The best type of client is a well-educated client?someone who understands your products and services because they?ve spent time engaging with your brand.

These people are also ultimately your best brand advocates?inevitably sending referral after referral your way.

When you create a unique and well-produced podcast, people want to do business with you because they feel as though you already share a genuine connection.

And this is just the tip of the IceBurg for Why You Should Incorporate a Podcast into your marketing mix.

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About me


Hi, I?m Kris Gilbertson?Podcasting and iTunes expert, founder of the Lifestyle Academy and host of The LifestylePreneur Podcast, a podcast for lifestyle entrepreneurs featuring interviews with the world?s leading entrepreneurs and experts from all around the world.

I?m also the author of Podcasting 2.0: How to Generate More Leads, Traffic, and Sales by Partnering with iTunes, founder of the

Podcasting Pro System and a leading expert in how to create your own podcast.

My podcasts have been downloaded thousands of times, attracted listeners in over 150 different countries and allowed me to create incredible relationships that have turned into phenomenal business!

In my professional life, I?ve been a bartender, luxury real-estate broker and everything in between?including the youngest to snag a seat on a board of directors, as well as another role that saw me liaising with Fortune-500 companies every day.

But I struggled for years to transition into entrepreneurship?spending ten?s of thousands of dollars on internet marketing products and days of my life sitting through online marketing conferences (offline and on)?before I discovered how POWERFUL podcasting could be for me and for others like me.

Finally, here was an effective way for me to take my message to the masses.?

The only problem? I didn?t feel like I could legitimately call myself an expert in?anything, so what could I possibly create a podcast about?

I held myself back for so long?worrying that I wasn?t like the?Brendon Burchards?or the?Tony Robbins??of this world?until?one day I realized THAT was bullsh*t.?

Today,??My goal is to help, inspire, and kick as many entrepreneurs butts? in line (in the most fun way possible of course!) and to Show you How to STEP up and OWN YOUR Expertise and Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!


Remember — YOU are an Expert!?

The world desperately needs more Experts, more entrepreneurs like yourself that want to make a difference, change the world and create an incredible lifestyle for themselves in the process.

It?s not easy but it doesn?t have to be as frustrating as you?re making it (TRUST me, I know what you?re going through and probably the head space you?re in right now and how to help you STOP the noise.)

Let me help you SHINE! It?s Your Time!

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