047: How to create your dream lifestyle with Abel James

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Considered a serial entrepreneur, Abel James is the ?Renaissance? man when it comes to helping people reach their utmost potential.

It all started in the beginning of his career, when he was working three different jobs, trying to get ahead of the game.

He wasn?t paying attention to his health or his stress levels, and he started to gain unfortunate weight and became more and more sick with each doctor visit. He began to realize that he should figure out how to be healthy his way, not his doctor?s way.

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In this episode you?ll learn:

  • The Top 3 Things to Help People Get Moving and to Change Their Lifestyle
  • How Abel Began to Develop his Business
  • The Importance of Finding time for Yourself in the Morning
  • The Strategies that Abel Used to Make his Podcast and Blog Pop
  • The Significance of Building an App World and How it helps to Build your Business



He began to lose the weight, became much healthier, and he could actually sleep at night. It dawned on him that he went through a really intense and fabulous transformation, and other people deserved to know about it.

Abel really advocates that it is key to be able to visualize who you want to be, and what you want to look like, and work towards that. Being healthy is more important than having a six pack, and he will be able to show you how to do this.

Through being an entrepreneur, he tells everyone to really take advantage of the adventure side of this job. For this field, all you really need is a wifi connection, and he says that because of this, you can work from anywhere and you should. All of this really helps you to stay focused and be healthy because you?re taking time for yourself.


My goal has always been to not have the body of my dreams, but the mind of my dreams.

Most people in the same business as Abel make you buy the food for their diet programs, but he really focuses on eating food that is good for you that you can get at your local grocery store.

He really shows you how to become their your own guru, because everyone has different food sensitivities and you can accommodate that.

However, Abel really shows that there are other aspects of a lifestyle to focus on besides eating. Becoming a well rounded individual includes various different aspects of a life.

He mentions food and it?s importance, but he also discusses how music can allow you to connect with your emotions.

Through the app world, Abel James was able to really captivate his audience and show people how he was able to help them.

He showed his customers, and potential customers, that he was able to access them through their health and fitness, but through a business technique that really engaged them.


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